Intrigued by Land for Sale in Colorado?

The idea of wide open spaces and fresh mountain air may draw you to land for sale in Colorado. Or perhaps the stories of green living and active lifestyles longingly call your name. Whatever your personal reasons, Colorado presents a worthy opportunity for land exploration and investment.

While Colorado may be known for its majestic mountains and tourist activities, the Centennial State holds much more for landowners and residents. Owning a piece of this land could be your taste of heaven on earth. Several features of the state of Colorado make owning property attractive and are worth considering before you make a decision. Furthermore, the impact on health conditions such as asthma weighs significantly on the choice to buy.

Let’s consider some of the reasons to buy raw land in Colorado. As we do, compare these considerations with the needs and desires of your family.

Green Living

The Colorado focus on healthy alternatives in energy and other sectors benefits the crisp, clean mountain air. Sustainable or green living reduces the use of natural resources while causing the least amount of harm to the environment. Colorado remains well-known for promoting lifestyles that lessen its carbon footprint.

Colorado government fosters the use, production and development of green technology across its departments. In 2008, Forbes ranked Colorado thirteenth among the states for “green-ness”. Renewable and sustainable sources of energy such as solar, the wind and hydroelectric power exist in Colorado. Sustainable building materials gain popularity in this state. Recycling and alternative means of transport, including your feet, are encouraged.

Incredible Views

When you think of Colorado, images of mountains fill your mind, of course. The awe of a 14,000-foot peak is a breathtaking way to start each morning. And, these range-filled views draw people. However, beyond the mountains lie other vast landscapes to inspire. Foothills, plains and deserts offer variety for the eyes and soul.

The Eastern Plains offer open skies and beauty unclouded by city lights. Mount Evans Road and Rabbit Ears Pass take you to views unimagined. Mountains, sand dunes, hot springs, rocky passes and river canyons – Colorado claims it all. And, owning land in Colorado puts this majesty in your backyard.

Outdoor Living

And, the views are not just for looking. Snapping up land for sale in Colorado opens doors to exploring this incredible landscape. Mountains plus national and state parks offer opportunities for all levels and types of nature and sports enthusiasts. Kayaking, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, fly fishing, rock climbing and hiking are only a few activities popular in this active state.

Opportunities to get fit and healthy in a variety of ways abound across this diverse geography. Sport and health exist in the natural rhythm of everyday life. In fact, Colorado boasts the lowest rates of obesity in the US. All of this health and activity inspires out-of-staters to purchase land in the Centennial State. After all, don’t we all seek the motivation to improve our health and move freely?

Vacation Spot

While you may not desire to move from home, consider Colorado land as vacation property potential. The culture, activities, weather and relaxed pace make this state an ideal getaway. Imagine escaping to the sun-filled northern reaches of the state, near the culture of Costilla County or in view of the incredible mountains of Aspen.

Furthermore, tourism remains a top industry in the state. Renting your real estate turns it into a source of income. Many areas in Colorado, such as Aspen, boast stable tourism year round. This economy bodes well for earning income on your property while you are away.

Worthy Jobs

Colorado boasts industry and success for those looking for employment. On the Forbes list of the best places for business and careers in 2015, Denver ranked first and Fort Collins tenth. Other Colorado towns came in the top 50. The state offers opportunities in a multitude of industries due to geological variety across Colorado. Finance, government, ranching, farming, oil and tourism represent the top industries.

These opportunities call to buyers should you choose to sell your land. On the other hand, you may just find the property attractive enough to build and settle on yourself.

Varied Weather

Northern Colorado experiences 300 days of sunshine annually. Yes, that is only five days short of a full year. This fact makes it one of the sunniest places in the US. Temperature and precipitation vary due to elevation changes across the varied geographical landscape. In general, temperatures remain comfortable year round.

Looking to buy land for sale in Colorado requires you to find the weather that suits you. However, the climate of this state makes land marketable and appealing should you choose to sell or opt to develop it.

Pace and People

The rhythm of life and nature of Coloradans may just be the selling point for land in Colorado. A relaxed lifestyle and the belief that life is meant to be enjoyed mark the people in this state which ranks twenty-second in population. Some report that residents here may be the happiest, healthiest, most active and successful people. They are friendly; that is for sure. With the welcome, stay-awhile atmosphere of the people, every day may feel like a vacation.

Endless Possibilities

With vacant land, there is time to consider its use. As long as you know a property’s suitability for building, there is nothing else you need to know. Raw land is a hands-off investment. And, Colorado land uses form an endless list. Property sells as residential acreage, development land, hunting land, timber and waterfront land, farm and ranch property. No matter what your dream for Colorado is, likely there is a property type to fulfill your wishes.

Plus, the long-term investment of land ownership is inexpensive. Consider that no mortgage payments or utility bills plague you after a land purchase. Property insurance and taxes are nominal. Raw land is a tangible asset that does not depreciate. Retirement options come to mind.

The Urgency

Buying land for sale in Colorado cannot be delayed. Supply is running low while prices climb. The majority of prime Colorado acreage is owned by the Government National and State Forest, BLM Land, State and National Parks or remains protected as open space. This fact is particularly true of mountain land. And, these agencies are not known to sell. The reality holds true that more land cannot be created. The real estate left in Colorado will never increase.

Also, Colorado ranks among the top states for an influx of people seeking residency. Land for sale in Colorado is a hot commodity. Waiting on this dream may prove too late.

Asthmatic Concerns

All this opportunity and reason may not read as sense when faced with the concerns Colorado living on an asthmatic condition. Whether you or a family member suffers this condition, no purchase of land is worth the potential value without considering the impact of the location on symptoms. After all, the active, healthy lifestyle promoted by Coloradans does no good if its altitude puts you at medical risk.

However, research indicates quite the opposite. Colorado’s high altitude may just improve asthmatic conditions. Research suggests that allergen avoidance in high altitude locations proves to improve the severity of symptoms significantly. Furthermore, studies reveal the positive effect of reduced airway inflammation in asthmatics when exposed to high UV concentrations and low humidity. These findings go beyond allergen avoidance. Also, the results proved significant even for a short visit to high altitudes.

Colorado boasts high altitude, plenty of sunshine and low humidity. These qualities of Colorado air bode well for successful transitions for those with asthma and their family. Finally, the results are not only positive for those visiting the high altitudes of Colorado. One study goes as far as to conclude that children with asthma living in high altitudes realize the lower prevalence of symptoms and low morbidity.

In considering the effects of this land purchase on asthma, research supports it as a good move. While the opinions of care providers and personal, clinical experience must weigh heavily on the decision to purchase land in regards to asthma, the possibility remains hopeful. Studies indicate lower asthmatic symptoms while visiting, even living in, higher altitudes.


While this opportunity may seem a dream only reached by the wealthy and famous, seeking land for sale in Colorado can be a reality for other buyers as well. Detail your wishlist and research the available land along with its features to begin the process. Is there a match between your wishes and property for sale?

Plan a visit to Colorado. Checking out the impact of the high altitude, sun and humidity on your body is wise and vital. After all, a visit may reveal issues with asthmatic symptoms. And again, no purchase proves worthy if you cannot live the dream you had planned.

However, the improved symptoms and land matched to your dream could just be the start of a new reality for you. The move is yours.


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