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DIY Solar for Those Wanting to Live o...

DIY Solar

Living off the grid is enticing. Decreased energy bills. Increased efficiency. Reduced carbon footprint. Simpler lifestyle. DIY solar power paves the way to this reality for you. While the initial cost of moving off the grid may be pricey, the component prices to make it happen are lower than ever before. Ongoing expenses are less […]

Land for Rent: What You Need to Know ...

Land For Rent

When many individuals or businesses are looking to move, most people focus on the structure – but many cities, towns, and rural areas have land for rent, which could be an even better option. Sometimes known as a land lease, the rent is the payment made under the contract, the lease. These agreements are made […]

10 Fun Things to Do in Costilla Count...

Cheap Colorado Land

Enjoy Costilla County! Rich history and culture mark Costilla County, Colorado and draw thousands of visitors yearly to this primarily farming and agricultural community. This area of the state of Colorado rightly claims status as the first to be colonized in 1540. Adding to the history, Costilla County boasts as Colorado’s first established county and […]

14 Tips For Buying Rural Land

Buying Land

Buying land is a major decision and a huge responsibility. Even though has a incredible 90 day money back guarantee and a 365 day exchange policy, you need to deliberate carefully on the decision and make sure the property is the right one for you. There are many factors that must be considered before […]

Is A Tiny House For Me?

Is A Tiny House For Me?

Downsizing to a tiny house is a viable option for people from all walks of life: the recent college graduate trying to pay back students loans, the newlywed couple trying to save for a larger home to start a family, the adventure lover who enjoys traveling across the country, or the recently retired couple who […]

Is Buying Raw Land A Good Investment?

Is Buying Raw Land A Good Investment

Raw land is in its natural state – undeveloped earth with no outbuildings or structures. This type of property can be a great investment if a few factors are understood and fit the investor. Being aware of the considerations, doing the research and heeding a few cautions can lead to a wise investment. Considerations Buying […]

Prepare for Economic Collapse with Ra...

Raw Land

The Great Recession came to a peak more than half a decade ago, but we are still feeling the ramifications today. Housing prices in many major markets haven’t recouped to their pre-crash levels and likely never will, firms that were consolidated or deconstructed following the crash haven’t come back or brought any jobs back with […]